Let me guess: There’s been a little voice inside you whispering, “I want more from life.”

Except lately? It’s not a whisper anymore. It’s a freaking roar.
And that means you can’t ignore it one more second.

The good news?

That whisper inside isn’t crazy or ridiculous. It’s your truth.

No, seriously. Put down the magazine, switch off that Real Housewives marathon (no judgement, I’m a reality TV fanatic), and lean in real close, cause this is huge:

You can make big things happen in your life. Not today, not tomorrow, but right freaking now.


When I was 25, I had the amazing fourtain of speaking next to Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney at a press conference.

Doing one of the things I love most, speaking about women’s issues.

Hi, I’m Shannon Lynberg, the woman behind The Life Adventurista.

I help women find freedom, adventure and their own beautiful, bold voices – around the world and in their own backyards.

‘Cause here’s the thing: You don’t have to wait to achieve those big dreams or make those major changes in your life – and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your hometown if you don’t want.

Nope. You don’t have to become a vegetarian, or move to an ashram, or even take a sabbatical in Bali. (Unless of course you truly want to do those things, and then by all means….)

You can DESERVE the life you want to be living.

And you can start right now. As in, right this second. No matter where you are or what you’re currently doing.

I’m tired of women scrolling through social media thinking that everyone else can have that great amazing life, but not them. I hate that these women think everybody else can pursue their dreams, but their OWN dreams simply aren’t meant to come true.

I believe deep in my heart that every woman deserves to define her own life and live her own grand adventure. Whatever that means for them.


I’m a compassionate cheerleader. feminist, and coach for women craving more adventure. I love helping women discover what makes them off-the-charts happy & figuring out how to take immediate steps to start living more fully. I’m great at listening to a client’s vague ideas & knowing how to put them into action ASAP to start working towards their goal.

I’m so passionate about it that I’ve dedicated my life to giving women the much-needed tools to create their own adventures & infuse their lives with mega-watt possibility.

I know first hand that life is too damn short to wait around & hope that one day your dreams will somehow magically fall into your lap, because I wasn’t always so adventurous.

It took a series of small steps – coupled with some big ass leaps – to get me to where I am. (You can read more of story, below.)


Me and my forever partner/hubby on one of our many road trips.


But if I hadn’t decided to chase my own dreams with fervor, I wouldn’t have…

  • Moved to Washington D..C.  after experiencing a major heartbreak and landed a killer job. That job lead me to leading a grassroots organization for women in their 20’s/30s. During my time in DC, I spoke over 50 times about women’s issues to various groups, I got to advice the White House on women’s issue in 2011, co-founded my own nonprofit, and became the program director for a nonprofit where I taught a business class to immigrant and refugee women in the D.C area.
  • Taken a leap of faith on a man I barely knew, who turned out to be my forever partner.
  • On a whim I jumped at the chance to go to Guatemala to research domestic violence, which was a life changing experience.
  • Set off to the jungles Costa Rica to work for a Yoga Resort.
  • Hiked 1100K across Spain, which included hiking over the Pryness in hail and in a crazy storm. (All this from a girl who used to haaate anything outdoor-sy!)
  • Packed up everything I own & traveled around the world with the love of my life
  • Launched this business
  • Started a rental property business with my husband.
  • Become a LuLaRoe retailer in 2014 when no one knew of the company. I have sense built my own LuLaRoe Business up into a multi-six figure business that not only supports my life, but also two employees.

And my dreams don’t stop there. Each year, I find my dreams get bigger and bigger. And while they do sometimes scare me, I have learned that anything is possible with a little bit of guts, baby steps, and a great support system. And that’s why I created this space for women.

Moral of my story? It doesn’t take a miracle to make major shifts & create a life on your terms – you just have to be willing to take small, but regular moves toward what you want.

So, whether your “someday” dream is to …

  • kick up the dust on a solo road trip ‘round the country (or globe)
  • have a freedom-based biz that enables you to close your laptop + go biking across town in the middle of the afternoon
  • Have financial freedom to not stress about money every dang day
  • Find a community of like-minded women right in your own (probably pretty cool) hometown so you can get out of your weekend Netflix-binge rut

I’ve got your back.

So come adventure it up with me through the Life Adventurista. I want to see you have the life you not only are meant to live, but also the one you deserve. Join my totally free Facebook community where you can find support to start making those shifts in your life.

Still wanna know more about who I really am?

  • I’m obsessed with travel & philanthropy (if you couldn’t already tell.)
  • I love to spend my down time writing, reading, watching reality TV, catching a good flick & planning my next trip (shocking, right?)
  • One thing I couldn’t live without? It’s a toss up between coffee, reality TV and sweets. Don’t judge me.
  • If I were a cocktail, I’d be a ginger margarita. It’s refreshing and spicy like me, and I just really love ginger!
  • I’m a perpetual learner and an avid reader. I LOVE to read a good mystery novel. When I’m home, my evening ritual includes a good book, my bathtub + a generous handful of Lush Bath Bombs. Heaven, I tell you.
  • I drink coffee every day. In my world there’s nothing more pleasurable than sharing a late afternoon latte with a good trusted friend.
  • I have a cat that I am obsessed with. #catmom
  • My Husband and I bought the oldest church in our town and dream of renovating it and turning it into an amazing B&Bin the next few years.