Hi! I’m Shannon! A business strategist, life coach, and activist.

What that means: I help you create a life that provides you with the freedom to live a life you love all while make this world a better place. I started The Life Adventurista for women who are ready to fully step into their power, use their voice, and life life on their own terms. I love being able to work with so many incredible women to break down the barriers preventing them from creating the changes they crave, gaining financial freedom, inner peace, and experiencing life to the fullest.

I’ve helped 100+ women develop successful small businesses, design grassroots initiatives, and create big life change, with minimal resources + a ton of heart. Trust me when I say, you don’t need substantial funding, fancy credentials, or perfect timing to get started. You only need to take the right steps with what you have –– right now.


A little bit about me:

I spent six years teaching women how to start things – grassroots campaigns, nonprofits, and businesses.  I have worked and lived in DC, where I co-founded Collective Action for Safe Spaces to address public sexual harassment and assault, worked as the Program Manager at Empowered Women International, and led grassroots initiatives at the Younger Women’s Task Force. After six years of moving up the DC career ladder, I felt stuck. I wanted to something different. For the last year and half I have been traveling around the world with my forever partner who is a photographer/videographer. We’re back in the U.S. for a short stint, but we’ll be traveling around the world and back over the next few years. We are all about living purposefully, exploring the world, and doing the work we love.

So if you are ready to say goodbye to your conventional life, embrace freedom, and adventure to make this world a better place, I’m your gal, your co-collaborator, strategist, and cheerleader. Together we can, and will figure out how to turn those dreams into plans. It all starts with you and the decision to begin. The ability to design a life that provides you with the freedom you crave is already within you. I am here to shine a light on your inner adventurista and cultivate your courage, whether that means starting a packable business that gives you flexibility, moving to your dream city, making a career jump, or starting something new.

My Story

One decision changed everything.

A decision to move to Washington DC –– with no money, no job and no idea as to how my future would unfold. My  boyfriend and I had just ended our  relationship. I knew he wasn’t “the one,” but I was heartbroken.

My friend called saying she needed a roommate, was I interested? To my surprise, a courageous voice answered YES! You see, growing up, I was afraid of everything (the product of an overactive imagination + a mother who worked for the Centers for Disease Control). Soon after moving,

I hit the jackpot.

When I was 25, I had the amazing fortune of speaking next to Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney at a press conference.

I landed a job with the Younger Women’s Task Force. My role? Teaching 20-something women how to become changemakers + build movements within their communities. They hired me based on my volunteer work and my experience at a PR firm.  But truth be told, I felt WAY over my head  because a big part of my job involved public speaking!

I’ve never been one to embrace the spotlight so I would practice my talks over the phone with my mom until I was blue in the face! But I grew to love it, and the job paved the way for opportunities I’d never dreamed possible: Speaking beside congresswomen at press conferences, meeting Madeleine Albright at the White House and being featured as one of “Tomorrow’s Leaders” in O Magazine. My thought my life was close to perfect, that is until…

I went to Guatemala.

A group of women I met in Guatemala. They were selling hand woven tapestries in order to create a better life for their daughters. This is where my life changed forever.

An unexpected opportunity to research violence against women lead me to spontaneously decide to travel to Guatemala. As I worked alongside an organization called MIA, I realized something –– Life is meant to be LIVED. For me, that means challenging myself to experience new ways of thinking, doing and being.

I returned to DC on a mission:

Protesting street harassment in DC.

Quit the job + travel. But, as life would have it, something happened. One of my friends and I  decided to started a blog to raise awareness about street harassment in DC. Within a few months, our tiny movement morphed into a non-profit called Collective Action for Safe Spaces! We conducted 50+ workshops across the U.S. that year alone –– all the while holding down full-time jobs.

This led to a job with Empowered Women International, where…

I got to help struggling, immigrant, and refugee women channel their passions + strengths into socially conscious businesses that made the world a better place.

Just a few of the amazing women I got to work with at EWI!

All the women I worked with at Empowered Women International came from different backgrounds. But all had one thing in common: A fierce determination to shape their destinies. Together we developed businesses based on strategy AND passion. We fixed businesses that weren’t working. And we shifted unsustainable nonprofits ideas into for-profits with philanthropic arms. It was my dream job!

But I just couldn’t shake the feeling that my life was passing me by. My fiance (a travel photographer) couldn’t either. So, we packed-up our laptops, and we left!

Now I’m traveling the world and working side-by-side with my forever partner.

Now… I’m The Life Adventurista!

My passion is to help women, who are stuck (just like I once was) discover what truly makes them happy by helping them to immediately start living more fully. I help them turn vague ideas into action to create a life that gives them freedom, adventure, and the confidence to a make a big differences.

You can contact me at shannon@lifeadventurista.com.