Whoops. I missed last weeks “Adventures in Online Surfing”. Living in the jungles of Costa Rica and working for a yoga & spa has seriously messed with my sense of time.


Working in the women’s movement for five years, I witnessed a whole lot of divisiveness between race, age, and class. Watching how the movement continually divided women lead me to become very disillusioned. And while, my feminism an activism is still a huge part of me, this disillusionment is one of the causes of me stepping away from my job as a director at a national women’s org. I’m so happy Mikki Kendall #solidarityisforwhitewomen is gaining attention and sparking a national conversation. I hope it’s the start of many larger conversations. Whether or not you consider yourself a feminist or work in the women’s movement I encourage your to read this article on Bitch Media.

My biggest takeaway came from this, “How accurately can mainstream feminism reflect the voices and experiences of all women when the loudest voices with the largest reach are white, educated, cisgender, heterosexual women who rarely, if ever, lift women of color up with them? White feminists who’ve carved out nice careers and comfortable livings thanks to a movement that excludes women of color, failing, in almost every instance, to understand intersectionality, instead relying on women of color, as Kendall tweeted, to be used as “teaching tools & resources, not actual people.”

A reminder for entrepreneurs out there who struggle with pricing and negative money mindsets around selling their work.

I’m obsessed with this project, 40 Days of Dating. If you haven’t already heard of it and need some entertainment, check it out.

Sometimes we just need a little bit of inspiration to give us a kick of motivation.

After traveling and living without certain things/trying to live with less so I can make more room in my life for what’s important, I totally respect this project.

If you are scared to make that big leap, here’s some inspiration for if those worst case scenarios come true.

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