Welcome to the first ever edition of Adventures in Online Surfing. Each Sunday I’ll be sharing a roundup of useful resources and articles. Also some things just for fun.  If you find anything online you think Adventuristas everywhere should know about, send it my way!


This guy is retracing the steps of human ancestors in a 21,000 mile walk from Ethiopia to Chile. So Inspiring!

If you have a blog or plan on starting a blog anytime soon, this post from Gala Darling on how to get organized and take your blog to the next level will help you. She’s running a whole series on blogging right now, which is filled with really useful info.

Another awesome post full of blogging advice and resources from Sarah at Yes and Yes: 7 (More) Posts To Read If You Take Your Blog Seriously.”

Planning an international trip soon or moving abroad? Here’s a list of resources for staying in touch with friends and family from Travels of Adam. 

I’m just now learning that there’s people out there housesitting full-time as a means to travel around the world. Totally want to figure this out. Think of all the money you could save by traveling this way! Here’s a great post from Will Work 4 Travel with a roundup of different sites to get you started.

I got connected to this lovely lady thanks to Twitter and love what she’s all about. Check Out Halley from Life of Something New and her post on spending fasts. If your trying to save $$ in order to fulfill your Adventurista dreams, you won’t want to miss her post. (It even comes with awesome printables to help you!)

If your applying for jobs right now, make sure to read this article, “3 Things That Will Get Your Resume Thrown In The Trash.”

Tired of applying for jobs or working in your current job? Read “7 Signs You’re Ready to Be Your Own Boss”.

Looking for your next great Adventure? Check out The New York Times’, “The 46 Place to Go in 2013”.

5 tips from Inc. for making sure your idea leaves the idea phase and makes it all the way to a business. 

And just for fun, watch this cute video of twin babies dancing to Gangnam Style followed by this Pep Talk from Kid President. If these two videos don’t leave feeling good, I don’t know what will!

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