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Why NOW is the New Never

The re-design/re-launch of The Life Adventurista has been in the works for three years. Yes, THREE whole years. It all started back in 2014, when after two years of building up my business and working with clients one-on-one, I wanted to shift, in order to do more...

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How to Write For Your Biz Blog

    If you have a business, you probably know the importance of having a business blog. This day in age, blogs are an important component to any business. So, why are blogs key for your biz, anyway? It’s a way to reach your customers. Think about it. You...

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Adventures In Online Surfing: Start That Thing Edition

Bringing back Adventures In Online Surfing once again! This week I bring you a collection of articles to inspire you get started on that thing you've been thinking about for so long. My soul-sister Shannon Trindade also wrote about her writing struggles this week, and...

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Writing Struggles – Everyone Has Them

  I’ve been working on several pretty big writing projects lately. One of these projects is Love On El Camino, where Eric and I are documenting our recent two month hike across France and Spain. This project has specifically taught me that, no matter how much you...

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How You Know It Might Be Time To Start Your Own Business

  If you had asked me a few years ago if I ever saw myself running my own business, I probably would have said something along the lines of: “Are you crazy? No way! I’m not cut out for running my own business. That’s for other people, not me.” For six years, I...

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Why Turning 30 Doesn’t Actually Suck

Right before I turned 25, I had a massive quarter-life crisis. (Because who doesn’t this day and age?) I was deeply afraid of getting older, which was rooted in the idea, that I thought my life was increasingly passing me by. At that moment, I believed I would never...

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You have a choice….

Are you ready to make NOW the new never?
The Life Adventurista