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It’s Only A First Draft

For the last seven months, I worked with several clients to help them develop their writing skills, craft blog posts, create social media content, and pitch articles - all while I was falling deeper and deeper into the depths of my own dark hole of writer’s block....

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Flying Fearless: Why Taking Risks is Necessary

    I’m 10,000 feet high in the sky, flying above the Costa Rican jungles, gripping my fiancé's hand so hard, I’m positive it’s going to break. As the plane jolts after hitting a major patch of turbulence, I look out the window at the storm clouds and I...

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An Ode To Adventure

  What your life looks like in a year is your choice. Life happens and your course will change. But you can’t sit around letting the fears and what-ifs stop you. So, stop dreaming and take action. Stop getting caught up in the goals and plans. Just go! Stop...

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You have a choice….

Are you ready to make NOW the new never?
The Life Adventurista