Inspiring Adventurista: Allegra Stein

Inspiring Adventurista: Allegra Stein

Meet Allegra Stein, this week’s Inspiring Adventurista. From the Peace Corps to solo travel to moving across the country, Allegra truly understands what it means to uproot your life and start over again. Today, Allegra is a relocation coach helping those who have moved because of their significant other. So whether you’re thinking about moving across country for the one you love, or your partner’s job is bringing you both to new lands, read on and get inspired to take control of your move and forge new paths!

Allegra Stein Interview

Tell me about what you do and what inspired you to start your business.

I help women find happiness again after a big move or relocation. It is such a dynamic time when you decide to leave one place for another. With all of the logistical stuff to figure out, the emotional pieces tend to get shoved aside. Once you get where you’re going, though, it can get quite difficult, especially if you made the move to follow a partner. Questions about identity, home, what we really love and who we ARE beyond just living in a new space can get very muddled and difficult to answer. I help clear that up.

How do your two programs Decision to Departure and Arrive and Thrive work?

The packages were designed with two Phases in mind.  That crazy intense zone BEFORE a move (Decision to Departure), when logistical details and fear of the unknown can really cause some stress, and the period AFTER the relocation (Arrive and Thrive), when isolation and a perceived loss of identity can really cause some emotional struggle. 
I find that the greatest work is tackled during the second piece, when there is more time and space to spend on the personal struggles.  Some clients need this work right after they’ve moved;  others have reached out to me more than year after that transition when they’re finally over being miserable in their new space.

Where do you live and what do you love about where you live?

Right now I live about 35 minutes outside of New York City, across the Hudson and in the suburbs.  We live in the woods with a view of a beautiful pond. I love feeling so connected to the outdoors, to hear the coyotes howlin’ out there.

You’ve traveled A LOT and done some pretty amazing things. What were your favorite travel experiences?

The Peace Corps was a pretty pivotal time for me. I had to face a lot of fear and uncertainty in making that decision and I learned so much about who I am and what I could be.  There is nothing more empowering than moving forward into an experience having no idea how it’s all going to play out, dealing with and learning from all of that change, and coming out the other side.

How do you define adventure?

I think it’s the willingness to look at any opportunity with a spirit of fun and discovery.  A friend of mine and I would go on errands together in college.  He would come pick me up, we’d go to Costco or REI and have these little mini-adventure —- running errands!!  It was more our attitude about those little windows of time than actually where we were at. Adventure is about curiosity. Being open. A desire to learn something new about a certain space or time. To have some fear but do it anyway.

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to a new city because of their significant other?

Own the choice. Nothing in your life is happening TO you. This opportunity is as much for you to learn about yourself as it is for your partner to stretch his/her boundaries.  Believe that change is an opportunity for growth and discovery. Get excited. Push yourself. Embrace learning more about how YOU tick through all of this.

Where can we find you?

I wish I could say, “the beach” and mean it.  In the meantime:


Thanks, Allegra!

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Inspiring Adventurista: Ashley Gwilliam

Inspiring Adventurista: Ashley Gwilliam

I’m so excited to introduce a new bi-weekly (and one day weekly series) “Inspiring Adventurista”. The purpose is to introduce you some of the amazing adventuristas out there in the world in the hopes of inspiring you to find your own inner adventurista.

First up, Ashley Gwilliam. I met Ashley last year when I was just starting to build The Life Adventurista and needed some help finding my voice. Ashley just transformed her copywriting business into a new venture called Free Your Being, which I love! Obviously we have a lot in common and are both on a quest for more freedom.  So keep reading and get inspired to find your own voice, create a Being Brand, and start living a life full of freedom, whatever that means for you.

Ashley Interview


Tell us about Free Your Being.

Free Your Being is an online resource, permission slip and content branding boutique for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who hold a vision of bettering the world through their products and services.

The site also caters to unconventional individuals of all stripes who are passionate about experiencing greater freedom –– whether that means living a location-independent lifestyle, spending more time with loved ones or creatively expressing oneself in everyday life is dependent upon the individual.

Free Your Being offers articles and video interviews on being-based branding, human nature and unconventional living.