Today in my Zero to Adventurista 29 Day Challenge Group we are talking about long-term life visions.

Oprah Winfrey Quote

I absolutely love big picture thinking and long-term life visioning because without it, we don’t know what we are working towards.

Think about it? What are a bunch of small short-term goals without that BIG, huge life vision? They don’t add up to much.

But if you start with your biggest, grandest vision you can then work backwards to create small, short-term, and actionable goals that will eventually lead you to your amazing dream life.

So what’s your 5-10 year life-vision? Write down, claim it, and create it!

P.S. – I’m having so much fun with my Zero to Adventurista group and I already have plans for expanding and growing it. If you want in on the next one, sign up below!

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