I’m 10,000 feet high in the sky, flying above the Costa Rican jungles, gripping my fiancé’s hand so hard, I’m positive it’s going to break. As the plane jolts after hitting a major patch of turbulence, I look out the window at the storm clouds and I think to myself, this is it – we are going down. Thoughts of plummeting to my death in a fiery crash flash through my mind. What’s worse, if the crash doesn’t kill me, I’m sure something in those jungles will.


I close my eyes and try to convince myself we are not going to die. That somehow I will survive this 45 minute death-defying plane ride, and it will all be worth it. My thoughts drift to Amelia Earhart. I think, if she can fly solo in the 20’s and 30’s, I can handle this flight.

Although Amelia Earhart disappeared during her attempt to circumnavigate the world, I find some comfort in the fact, that she died doing what drove her. She was on a mission and following one’s passion is always risky. The alternative of risk is that things will forever remain the same.

The plane is so small you can see everything the pilots are doing.

We all have to take various levels of risks in order to live the lives we want.

Yes, there is a chance I could die in a plane crash. But doesn’t the risk of it outweigh the alternative? If I never fly again, I’ll miss out on so many of the things I dream of accomplishing.

I can’t tell you that my anxiety completely disappeared before the plane landed. Being on the ground never felt so good.


My ‘thank goodness I’m on the ground again’ look.

I also can’t tell you that I won’t freak out on the plane rides in my near future.

What I can tell you is that the two 45 minute plane rides in the small crop duster type airplanes I had to take to get to the Osa Peninsula were without a doubt 100% worth it.

Not only have the last two weeks been incredibly transformative for me, I have also meet some incredible people, made lifelong friends, saved baby sea turtles, participated in a week-long yoga retreat, trekked through the jungle, swam in the ocean, and have had the fortune to do the work I love the most by helping Blue Osa  with their marketing efforts.

So the next time you feel like the risk isn’t worth it, ask yourself about the alternative. What happens if you don’t take that risk?

I challenge you to look into the areas of your life, dig deep, and take a risk.

Start that business.
Book that trip.
Buy the one way plane ticket.
Go sky diving.
End that toxic relationship.
Go on a road trip.
Apply for a new job.
Ask for that raise.
Try the new thing you’ve always wanted to do.
Ask someone out.
Challenge yourself to do what you think you can’t.
Take a chance on love.
Go on a solo trip.
Make that move.

Whatever you do, just take a risk. It is in doing so that we can find the change, happiness, and fulfillment that we seek in our lives.

Remember that you don’t have to be fearless, you just have to have the courage to try.