Getting Motivated When You Have No Motivation

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I can’t believe it’s already February 5th. The excitement of the New Year is now a distant memory and the realities of life have set in. During this time of year, it can be hard to stick to goals, and many resolutions were already ditched weeks ago. If you started this year off with big plans and goals full of life changes, it can be easy to lose sight of what you want, in favor of blaming everyday life busyness and that never ending to-do list.

The truth is, setting out to achieve those big goals and plans will never get easier. There will always be obstacles, whether that’s time, money, or resources. So if you’ve found yourself making excuses for not taking the action that is required to create those life changes you so deeply want, here are five things you can do to stay motivated as the year continues.

  1. Tell a friend. I find I am more likely to stick to my goals and plans when I tell a friend what I’m up to. Better yet, build a support network with a few friends so you can motivate each other throughout the year.
  2. Break your big goal into smaller, achievable action items. Whether your goal is to get in shape/lose weight, find a new job, move, travel, or start a business, think about how you can break that larger goal into smaller benchmarks. Then celebrate each time you reach one of your benchmark goals.
  3. Remember your “why”. When you are tired, burned out, or feel overwhelmed, go back to your “why”.  Remind yourself of just what those goals and tasks are going to led you to. Create a screen saver of a picture or word on your computer that can serve as a reminder to get you motivated when you least feel like it.
  4. Make the time. Life doesn’t slow down, so stop telling yourself you’ll get to it when you have more time. Create time for those things that will make your life better. Last year, when Eric and I were working to start our businesses and figuring out how to move abroad, we set aside time each week to work on research, contacting people, building websites, writing, and everything else that goes along with starting businesses and moving. There were some weeks where we could only devote 1-2 hours and others where we could devote the entire weekend to our side projects, but it all added up and made a big difference. So find the time each week, and put it in your calendar if you have to!
  5. Treat yourself. When you feel overwhelmed and have absolutely no motivation, it’s time to indulge in some self care. Take a break from thinking about those big plans and let yourself relax and clear your mind.

It’s never too late to make the choice to actively work towards creating the life you want. Don’t look back at your life in 20 years and wish you had lived more adventurously when you had the chance. Start today so next year you ARE living the life you want.

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