The Great American Popup

Last summer, I had this crazy vision of bringing LuLaRoe to customers all across the U.S. in person. (I mean what could be better then combining two of my passions – LuLaRoe + Travel? NOTHING.)

So that’s what the Hubs and I are doing! Here is our current schedule (we will keep updating this with exact dates and Sates as we continue to Plan)

We would LOVE to bring the mobile popup to you and your friends. It’s fun and easy to host, plus you’ll get free clothes. If hosting isn’t your thing, but you know someone who would be perfect for the hosting gig, refer them to us, and you will also get free clothes!

Intrigued and what to know more? Just fill out this quick form and I will be in touch asap!

Want to know more about the story behind what we are calling #TheGreatAmericanPopup? Watch the recording of our live announcement here.

You can also watch Youtube Show As The Map Turns to see what happens behind the scenes. (Coming soon!)

If you missed us when we were in your State, be sure to check out our online shopping experiences here.