Ever spent an afternoon scrolling through Facebook, feeling super jealous of everyone’s awesome lives + wondering why the heck YOU haven’t booked that trip, looked for a different job, started that side business you’ve dreamt about for years, or even bought that unlimited yoga package that’s been on your “To Do” list forevs?

I’ve got good news for you, gorgeous: You can stop waiting for that perfect moment and start NOW.

All those dreams you have for how you want your life to be? You deserve it all.

You deserve to have your biggest, wildest dreams come true –  whether that’s owning a passion-based business or backpacking across Europe without knowing a single soul or finally venturing out of your comfort zone in your hometown.

See, here’s the thing: If your soul is craving something new; something different; something adventurous – it’s for a reason.

You’re meant to do it!

And you really only have two options once you realize this:

1. Keep saying “someday” (and therefore, ignoring your destiny)

2. Turn “someday” into “right the heck now”

Welcome to The Life Adventurista, where NOW is the new never.

If it just feels like you’re going through the motions, if you know you want to make a difference, and if you want to change but just have no clue HOW – welcome home. (Or not-home!) Whatever your heart desires.

Come on in, darlin’ & start living your “someday” adventure today, right where you are.

Meet Shannon

Hi! I’m Shannon Lynberg! The Life Adventurista is a space I created for women like you to get help and inspiration in creating the life they are meant to live. I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur and I help big dreamin’, adventure seekin’ women figure out what freedom means to them & learn to leap (or tiptoe) outside their comfort zones & create their own adventures – around the globe and in their own backyards. I am also super passionate about helping women feel confident and free in their bodies, regardless of size, which is why I started selling clothes!

I want you to start where you are. Today. Right now. Because if you don’t chase your dreams or live the life you want, who will?

Whether you want to start your own business, cultivate your inner confidence, or figure out what the heck you want from your life, this space is for you!

Go here to learn more about this space.


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You have a choice….

Are you ready to make NOW the new never?
The Life Adventurista



You words and experiences strike a chord in me. It seems as if every woman, including myself can relate to your story.  Your work comes from a beautiful and pure spot of your being. Thank you.” – Ginger