What my clients are saying about working with me.

I signed up for the Zero to Adventurista 29 Day Challenge because I was finally tired of myself enough. I was always anxious about everything, always felt like I wasn’t good enough. I was finally tired of being unhappy all the time. The daily challenges were……challenging. They made me focus on things that weren’t always comfortable. They got me excited about new things. And even though they made me relieve things that weren’t pleasant, I grew as a person. I now know I deserve to fulfill my passions and interests. I AM worthy of happiness. Because of the Zero to Adventurista Challenge, I feel revitalized. If you are thinking about signing up for Zero to Adventurista, go for it. But only if you are serious. It is for people who TRULY want to change. It is hard work but so worth it. -Amanda

Having just had my daughter and my husband leave starting the new year I just knew I had to stop procrastinating and get moving in making my dreams happen so that I could be the best example and role model to Gigi if how to live your best life. Being seen, heard and supported by Shannon and the other members I the group was the most transformative part. It helped me to feel less alone and much more valued. As well as confirming that I wasn’t a crazy lady to think that I had something that could make a difference for others too.I feel like I have everything I need now and knowing that there will be continued support and connection with the amazing group of ladies is great. If you really are serious about moving past the blocks and obstacles that have been holding you back from being your best Adventurista sign up with Shannon TODAY!!

She’ll have you journeying to the depths to really shake the issues lose and send them packing never to be seen again. Leaving you free of the heavy baggage that’s been weighing you down and costing you dearly.

-Zoe Goode

While I was volunteering in the Philippines, I realized that my life was going to change in some pretty major ways when I got back. I knew I wanted all the support I could get in walking through that change.  I was feeling most stuck on my fear of failure in being my own boss and having my own business.  But also stuck in moving forward emotionally and taking care of myself physically. I really liked doing the vision board and thinking about my vision for my life this year.  It helped me get really clear about what I want.  Also, getting to and working on a specific small fear (as a way to take a baby step forward) was really helpful. I even booked 3 new clients during the 29 Day Challenge, which was huge!  And I made some really big decisions to help me move forward. More than anything, the 29 days helped me see where I want to focus my energy to help me reach my goals this year. If you are thinking about working with Shannon do it!  The suggestions and daily challenges were super helpful.  I felt challenged, but not so much that I wouldn’t do it or wanted to quit.  Also, you had some really great insights into how to get through blocks.  I felt really supported as I did the work.

- Sky Connelly, Mana Doula Care

Shannon is a keen observer with the ability to provide an amazing vehicle for looking at your life, mapping out a mission, and determining what’s holding you back and what you need to move forward. For years, I dreamt of starting an international travel photography business but was unsure of the way forward. Shannon exceeded all my expectations. She tapped into my soul and helped me see my vision more clearly. Shannon provides the tools needed to shape an enduring, effective business in a comfortable, yet fun environment. The Life Adventurista is a diamond in the rough, and having Shannon’s guidance has not only been the reason for my ultimate success, I consider my work with her as the foundation of my current journey.

Eric, Photographer/Videographer