Hello!                                                                                     Welcome to the MOST fun shopping experience there is.

LuLaRoe = comfy + trendy clothes that are made for every body type.

I have been a LuLaRoe retailer for three years, have dressed over two thousand women, and am on a personal mission to help ALL women feel fabulous, confident, and free in their bodies, regardless of size, or personal inhibitions.

If you haven’t shopped LuLaRoe before (or if you have, but haven’t shopped with me), here is what you need to know and how to shop, so we can get you looking SPECTACULAR.

What you need to know:

1.) We carry several different styles of dresses, skirts, and tops. (Oh, and there are SUPER fun and comfy leggings!)

2.) Each style comes in (literally!) thousands of different patterns. But each pattern you will find is VERY limited. Each print gets produced about 5,000 times, and that’s it. So I can’t special order prints.

So how do you shop?

1.) Shop online here.                                                                 Every Sunday, we post all our items in Albums here. All you do is write “sold” under the item you want. We also have a weekly LIVE show, which is a unique and fun way to shop! Think QVC + Facebook 🙂

2.) Shop locally.                                                                                  If you are local to the Lake Charles, LA area, or you are traveling through, you can make an appointment to shop our LuLaRoe boutique in our home office. (FUN!)

3.) If you are not local, and you want to shop in person, check out our #TheGreatAmericanPopup adventure. My husband Eric and I are driving a mobile boutique all across the USA. Yes, we are personally bringing LuLaRoe to ALL 50 states, and we would love to bring the boutique to you and your friends! You can get more info on that here.

4.) Virtual personal shopping appointment.                                   How it works: Fill out a form (no obligation to buy anything), and I send you several outfit options. This is a GREAT way to get out of your fashion comfort zone!

5.) Our Monthly Style “Mystery” Boxes.                                    This is a twist on your traditional style services. If you want to be styled by us (your expert LuLaRoe stylists), and you don’t want to make the tough choices, this is the perfect service for you! Each month, we open up orders for our style boxes. You fill out a form; we send you an invoice. Then we spend some time styling you. You’ll get your Special Style Box in the mail, with a note on different style ideas for the outfits we selected for you. (Plus, you get a BONUS surprise with each style box that will add a bit to each outfit!) To be notified when the next Mystery Style Boxes open up, get your name on our list here.

Want to get updates and always know when items get added to our online shop? Click below to get on our no-fomo list, and be notified; be happy.