Your Year of Transformation



Yesterday was the Chinese New Year, which marked the Year of the Water Snake. As the snake sheds her skin she symbolizes great transformation, new beginnings, and re-birth.

This is the perfect time to think about…

The “old skin” you want to shed.
The changes you want to create in your life.
Who you want to become.

This year…..

Go within and seek answers.
Follow your intuition.
Shed the toxic things and people in your life.
Let your authentic self shine through.
Take a leap of faith to start living the life you want.
Let go of all that is holding you back in your life.
Change those negative scripts that keep you from living life to the fullest into positive ones.
Put your health first.
Learn a new skill.
Start something.
Work hard to achieve your goals.

Start now, move forward at a steady pace, seek out new opportunities, adapt, be optimistic and patient. Transformation takes time but if you do the work, it will happen.

So what areas of your life do you want to transform? For me this year is all bout transforming my fears and letting go of anxiety, and expanding my comfort zone. (Which funnily enough involves snakes.)

Write down what this year of transformation means for you and make a list of goals that will help you make those changes. Then make a commitment to yourself that you will create time each week to pursue your goals.

Gong Xi Fa Cai (translation: congratulations, may you be prosperous).

P.S. – If you are ready to create big change in your life and start living more adventurously, but need support, check out my Zero to Adventurista one-on-one sessions.


Image from Edmund Tse via Creative Commons license.

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