I’m tired of seeing women burnt out, trying to do it all, and not living life to the fullest. That’s why I created the Zero to Adventurista Strategy Sessions

I know what’s it’s like to be burnt out, spread too thin, and struggling to find the balance in life.

This time last year, I was in a very different place. I was working and living in DC, and while I was happy-ish, I felt like something was missing.  I was tired all the time, struggling to figure out my life purpose, and started feeling disconnected from all the things I once loved. Today, I’m exploring the world with my photographer/videographer fiancé, living in different places, living life to the fullest, and leveraging my passions to provide me with money to build the life I want.

I used to fear life would pass me by and that I would find myself stuck in the same place, all my dreams distant memories of chances not taken. Then I realized in order to start living the way I wanted, it was time to start taking more risks. Since then I’ve been on a personal quest to expand my comfort zone and let go of some of the fear and anxiety I have been holding onto for most of my life. But more than anything, I want to see more women embrace their inner adventurista and discover the courage to break down the barriers holding them back so they can follow their dreams to live life on their own terms doing the work they love.


You have big dreams. You’ve been thinking a lot about taking the leap into a big adventure whether that means starting something that provides you with more money,  leaving a job that’s holding you back, or making a move to travel the world or live in your dream city. But then you find yourself worrying about finances, how people will react, or you get caught up  in your pesky negative self talk.

It’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to change. You have a choice (you always do) and this your time to shine – to turn your most adventurous dreams into the life you are living.

Life is meant to be lived and experienced fully, so if you feel you are not living the life you want, I want to help you make this your year.

Whatever your dream is, we will figure out how to turn it into a reality.

  • Not sure what you want? I’m a master brainstormer. I help you get at the heart of what you want out of life and shine a light on your strengths.
  • Do you want to start a biz that provides you with freedom but need to narrow in on your focus? This is one of my specialities.
  • Want to move to that city you’ve been dying to live in or maybe that small beach town? We’ll figure out how.
  • Want to give up all your worldly possessions and go somewhere to complete a yoga training? Sounds incredible!
  • Feeling stuck and bogged down with your current biz model? Let’s fix that!
  • Want to figure out how to turn that location-dependent job into a location-independent job? Let’s do it!
  • Trying to figure out how to spend more time with your family and want a job or business that allows you to do this? You can make it happen.
  • Trying to break out of the nonprofit world and into the world of business? I’ve been there before too and would love to help you figure it out.

Together we’ll figure how to monetize your skills, passions, and strengths so that you can live the life you want.

That’s what being an Adventurista is all about.

:The Plan:

In a series of 3 one hour sessions well work on

  • Defining what adventure means to you
  • Breaking down anything that’s holding you back, busting fears and glass ceilings
  • I’ll help you figure out exactly what you want out of your life

And then we’ll design your Adventurista action plan to help you make in happen in the next year.  (Think of it as your Personal Adventurista Map!)


  • I email you a list of resources and recommendations within 24 hours of each call.
  • You get light email support throughout the time we are working together.
  • 30-days from our final session I’ll be checking-in with you to see how your doing with your plans. If you’re feeling super stuck, we’ll hop on the phone for a quick call to get you going again.
  • My guide “The Adventurista’s Guide to Making it Happen” to help you stay on track the rest of the year.
  • Special offers for my Packable Business Strategy Sessions if you decide you want more and are ready to build a business.

Cost: $225 for three sessions. ($75 for each session)

How it works:

  1. Make your investment. You can either pay all $225 up front or make three payments of $75.
  2. You’ll immediately receive an email with some questions to help me get to know you and your life vision better so we maximize our time together!
  3. I’ll follow up within 24 hours to schedule our first one hour session.
  4. We get to work on busting barriers and turning dreams into plans.

Want to know what some of my clients are saying about working with me? Read here.

Don’t look back at your life in 20 years and wish you had lived more adventurously when you had the chance. Start working with me now so next year you ARE living the life you want.

If your ready to start building a business, check out my Packable Business Strategy Sessions.